Call for the Immediate Cessation of Violation, Restraint, and Peace Between Israel and Palestine.

By Opinion  Oct 21, 2021 By Mirza Aydin Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan arrived on Sunday in the Southern African nation of Angola for the first leg of a three-country Africa tour. Erdoğan landed in Togo on Tuesday and Nigeria on Wednesday. The Turkish President signed major agreements/ MOU’s including energy, defence industry, mining with Sub-Saharan countries. The tour is taking place amid rising tensions at home as the main opposition Republican People’s Party leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in a video message shared on social media over the weekend called on Turkish bureaucrats to oppose the Erdogan government and what he calls ‘a mafia system’. In his statement, Kılıçdaroğlu appealed: “You are not a servant of Erdogan’s family but an honourable public servant of this (Turkish) state. This is my last call, as of Monday, Oct. 18, you will also be responsible for all your support to the illegal requests of this order.…

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by Emsie Ferreira 29 Sep 2021   An international opinion tribunal on Turkey is preparing an application to the International Criminal Court after finding that human rights violations, ranging from torture and abduction to the persecution of journalists and the judiciary, have become systematic since the country’s attempted coup in July 2016. The tribunal, which consists of six judges, including former South African Constitutional Court Justice Johann van der Westhuizen, heard testimony from 16 victims over four days in Geneva last week and produced a 65-page opinion released at a media briefing on 28 September. It concluded that if tested before an appropriate body and the intent of the accused proved, the acts of torture and enforced disappearances could be deemed crimes against humanity. Relying on official statistics, with what it termed due scepticism, the tribunal found that some 3 000 complaints of torture are filed against the Turkish authorities every year, but…

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Concluding Opinion of the Turkey Tribunal