Universal Rights Association at the Human Rights Festival 2024. 

Acts of Goodness Universal Rights Association (URA) works on spreading Acts of Goodness. Here you can view the projects we have embarked on.  Become a valued Patron by showing your support Become a Patron!    

Call for the Immediate Cessation of Violation, Restraint, and Peace Between Israel and Palestine.

The Walk for Freedom organised by ⁦@psasouth_africa in #Lanesia 4 the people of Palestine & other oppressed in Turkey & around the world. We thank to all who visited our stand & photography exhibition.

Please join us in  Award-Winning Annual Concert for Refugees by *Universal Right Association (URA)* ,*Turquoise Harmony Institute* and other partners.  Once again, it is time to raise awareness of the plight of the numerous people in the African Continent and around the world who have been chased from their homes, forgotten, and misplaced by others.  Forced displacement is a very real crisis and the victims must be recognised and included in efforts to promote *Social Cohesion* Here is the line-up: *Sipho Hotstix Mabuse* *Msaki* *PJ Powers* *Thandi Ntuli* *Pops Mohamed* *Neill Solomon* *Rocksteady Dub* *Bienvenue Nseka* and  *Lebo Mashile*   *Date*    : Friday, 12th August *Venue* : Linder Auditorium *Time*   : 19:00 for 19:30 *Tickets*: https://tinyurl.com/ConcertTicket2022 for more info *www.refugeeconcert.co.za*

Download full report Womens Rights Under Attack  

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Download the full report Turkey’s Contempt for The Rule of Law

Download full report  Turkey’s Descent Into Arbitrariness The End Of Rule Of Law  

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