How Come a Victim of a (So-Called) Coup Attempt Describes It as “A gift from God”?

//How Come a Victim of a (So-Called) Coup Attempt Describes It as “A gift from God”?

How Come a Victim of a (So-Called) Coup Attempt Describes It as “A gift from God”?

Turkey Solidarity Network [TSN]- Media Notice: 13 July 2019

Turkish Solidarity Network [TSN] in South Africa understands that 15 July 2016 is one of the most important turning points of the history of modern Turkey. More than 200 lives were lost to stop the (so-called) coup attempt which (according to different reports and witnesses) was known by President Erdogan, Turkish Intelligence and Turkish Military before it happened.

We believe that there are still very suspicious points which need to be clear such as;
• Instead of suppressing the attempt, why Erdogan called citizens of Turkey to streets which caused 249 lives?
• Instead of ordering his soldiers not to leave their post, why the Chief of army kept silent and later he promoted by Erdogan as Minister of Defense?
• Head of Intelligence who didn’t give any official notice to Erdogan about the (so-called) coup attempt, why is he still in the office and makes no comment about it? Why not any official investigation is taking place about him on this?
• Why Erdogan didn’t give permission to postmortem examination for the bodies of the victims of July 15?
• Why Erdogan rushed to dismiss more than 2000 judges and prosecutors instead of soldiers, few hours after the (so-called) coup attempt? Is it because of multi-billion dollars corruption case about his son, 4 ministers and their sons?
• …… It goes on and on….

The TSN in South Africa will be protesting in Pretoria outside the Turkey embassy details are below:
VENUE: Turkey Embassy- 673 Fehrsen Street Pretoria- near Brooklyn Mall
Date: 15 July, 2019
Time: 10:00

Issued by Turkey Solidarity Network [TSN] South Africa Chapter.
Lucky Lukhele- Coordinator

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